Remote Capital Allocation

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Is Remote Capital Allocation Preferable

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  1. Yes, I prefer to stick with my current setup

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  2. No, I would prefer to work out of the prop firms offices

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  1. mickson


    I believe that many prop traders would like to attract capital to trade from within their existing trading setup. By setup I mean, they are comfortable with the way things are working for them, be it in a home office or a trading arcade or a boutique hedge fund office or even as a "2nd job", the only missing factor being sufficient trading capital.

    With the beta launch of RAPA Cap Intro last week we are trying to give traders the opportunity to trade more capital from within their existing setup.

    I am interested to hear from the community if there is a genuine belief that one needs to trade prop capital in the physical presence of the prop firm providing the capital or remote access to capital in the comfort of ones existing infrastructure is preferable?

    Look forward to your thoughts.
  2. Haven't concerned ourselves with brick and mortar for years. 99% trade remotely. No need for the extra overhead.


  3. lionline


    pretty cool idea - but the question is the costs.
    2nd is logistics of the capital
    3rd is the regulation(?)

    also -you have broken links in ur post.suggest u tidy those up.
  4. Joe


    Link has been fixed.
  5. I think it's only feasible if you are in a larger urban area like Chicago or NYC. Nowadays, collaboration through the web works just as well. Working from home is a blessing.
  6. timcar


    DOES one needs to trade prop capital in the physical presence of the prop firm

    Where are there many PROP trading firms ??????