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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by IceTea92, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. IceTea92


    is the scandal at the hoboken branch affecting assent remote traders? or assent traders at any office?

    i'm looking into opening a remote retail account

    i have to go thru hoboken right? or can i go thru any office?

    were childs or mckeever anyone's contacts for remote? who is in charge of hoboken now?

    anyone 'in the know' would be much appreciated
  2. this does not affect Assent traders at was an isolated incident just like the one UBS employee does'nt affect all of UBS..all the guys that traded at Jasper Capital are being transferred to a new LLC/group..they had nothing to do with what Dave is accused of doing..why should they be deprived of earning a living..everything at Assent is fine..its a great place to trade in my platform out doubt...
  3. IceTea92


    is it better for remote traders to visit the nj branch in person to negotitiate a rate?

    or do remote traders generally go everything on the telephone and via postal mail?

    anyone know the name of person in charge of remote retail accounts at assent? anyone with some info on best to deal, please pm me