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    I want to remote access my desktop at home to monitor my auto trades. Now
    I am using comcast cable, using linksys router, enabled remote access on my desktop, enabled my 3389 port forwarding on router to my desktop ip...

    for example, my router ip is
    my desktop is names trader

    I can access to see my router setting. How can I see my desktop?? or sth else?
    Thanks a lot. This drive me nuts..
  2. Do you have Win XP Pro? Try Windows Remote Dekstop client.
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    yes xp pro.
    remote desktop is for intranet which you can use computer name for remote access. I want to remote access over internet. which needs specific IP and port to access.
    if in my home, I just walk to the computer...
  4. Yes you can remote desktop from anywhere. Including outside your lan. Just do a search on Yahoo for the proper setup.
  5. xiaozhi


    I think I already did the setting.
    Then How could I specify the computer over internet. There must be billions of couputers called "trader" like mine..
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  7. I think you can put an IP address in the computer name box. Try VPN into you XP Pro machine. That way, you don't need to use an IP address. You will have accessed to you local LAN network.
  8. You just put the ip address instead of the computer name. You don't have to specify the port for XP remote desktop unless you've changed it from the default. ie;3381

    If you have more than one machine behind your router you will have to put them on different ports and forward them.
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    You have to remote desktop to the public wan ip address if you setup port forwarding correctly. If you have a static wan ip address then your good to go, but if you have a dynamic/dhcp wan port then the address will change periodically. Most home routers support free services such as You establish a free account then configure the router and for example you name your account and it will work. Mainly the dyndns account allows you not to have to worry about the wan port address changing because dyndns keeps track of the address changes automatically. Done it many times. If you want something simpler that is fast and browser base then setup a free account with It's encrpyted.

    my two cents worth

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    perfect information.
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