Remote access software for Blackberry

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by gordo, Jan 15, 2010.

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    hrmm, i might check out the free trial of the rdm+

    just make sure you have an unlimited data plan hah.

    logmein is excellent for pc to pc, a little jealous that iphone users have the ability to connect...looks like somebody needs to hire a java programmer :p
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    when i had a BB bold i used rdm+ which i think is good. definitely need a good data plan
  4. gordo


    Yes, I have unlimited data for my BB. The Iphone looks good, but I'm not that familiar with it, and I don't want to switch to AT&T for a few reason. Keeping my eye on the Droid, in case I want to switch from a BB in the future.

    I'm going to look at that free 7 day trial of rdm+, and see how that works.
  5. bespoke


    i prefer having a touch screen with a trackball or stylus for these type of applications.

    i now use remote rdp for my droid which i think is pretty good and the developer releases updates all the time. it only cost a few dollars for the full version. my droid has both touch screen and a track ball. i dont trust my finger to touch tiny buttons on the screen accurately.

    i had a sony xperia x1 with windows mobile before and i thought it was quite nice cause it had a touch screen, stylus and trackball but i forgot it in a taxi one night :mad: problem with the windows rdp is that you can't adjust the resolution to whatever you like, just whatever res your phone is. the droid lets you choose any res, and rdm for bb uses the res of the home pc.
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    i'd have to make a trading layout specifically for the BB, since i do have a storm. i would primarily use it as a backup if i'm in a position, not at the house and have some sort of power failure/internet outage where i'm at.

    would be a very small chance for that, but can never be too safe/prepared.
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  8. Recently switched from RDP to LogMeIn.
    Works well with PocketPC PDA's, iphones.
    Ignition saves time logging in remotely.

    Screen updates via PDA wifi access is amazingly fast.