Reminiscing on this idle Sunday afternoon.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by VictorS, Nov 10, 2002.

  1. VictorS


    I found an old vcr tape of CNBC I recorded from the recently past bubble market. In hindsight, I can't believe how crazy things had gotten. It was truly a part of Wall Street history to be discussed in many years to come.

    Already, "it was the Good Ole days." Oh, well-back to the current bear market.
  2. yeah...interesting. why don't they call it 'CNBC's Bubble?'
  3. cheeks


    I remember the day the Naz crashed 600 points and rallied back in the same session. I had just graduated from college. I was working for a very experienced stockbroker/money manager. In the middle of the bloodbath, he looked at me(with a smile) and said "Welcome to your first crash".
  4. how the bears and chargers blew it the way they did?:(
  5. Te'

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    Bulger and what can you say about the Bears?? Chi-town just sucks!
  6. bronks


    Lets not forget Pittsburgh blowing their fourth quarter lead... over 600 yards total offense. I dislike Vick
  7. Beer Man

    Beer Man

    are you kidding? u must be from east st louis with the rest of the scurge of the earth
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    I will never forget the day QCOm went to 600, based on one guys (was it H. Blogett? can't remember) word. I never thought i'd see the day a stock run like that. I was also watching the stock on level 2 - offers were just getting swept like i've never seen. The frenzy was amazing. Those were the days when stocks would just run, run, run. I knew back then that it would not crash, and it was just insane exuberation. But we all did, did'nt we.
  9. Feeling a bit cocky there are we Te' Bo?

    Plax, what a game!