Reminiscences of the Bubble

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  1. Yeah...I started trading around that time at Tradescape's NY office on 57th & Lex. Don't think Dan Ripoll is still in the biz.

    Dems were da dayz...

    :( (sniffle)
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    $14k in one day.. good old days for day traders
    Remember these $15 daily ranges, stocks like JDSU, QCOM, BRCD, RMBS, JNPR, BRCM, VRTS, SDLI, IDPH, CHKP, RBAK so many to choose from. Can someone attach intraday charts for these crazy stocks from 1999-2000 bubble period?
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  4. hehe. I guess we'll never see those days again for a long long time to come...


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    Isn't that guy the owner of Carlin / Generic?
  6. That market will never happen again in our lifetimes, or at the very least, not until those who are fairly young are very, very old (but probably not even then). The bubble was so irrational, and people have been so burned. A large number (and %) of people, polls have shown, have decided that they will never invest in stocks to the same degree, if at all, again, an attitude that has only been reinforced by all the scandals. Note that record amounts were taken out of mutual funds last year, and that for the first time in 13 years, more money was taken out of the market in January than put in (unusual because people normally sell for tax purposes in December and purchase stocks in January).
  7. Seth Glickehous says: "2016." But that will just be the start, it'll take and additional 10-15 years to really get crazy. Sounds like a nice time to retire.
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