Reminiscences .. New Edition with PTJ

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  1. The Reminiscences of a Stock Operator Collection: The Classic Book, The Illustrated Edition, and The Annotated Edition

    I am totally clueless about this. They included the basic text 3 times, once naked, once illustrated, once annotated? What is the use for it, especially the 'Classic' version in this context (no annotations, no illustrations)?

    And which one for someone to read?

    Maybe first I want to read the illustrated one with classic cool pictures. I learned so far to always read classics 'as they are'. As a second re-read I might consider the annotated version. Is my reasoning okay in this context?
  2. It's really not that hard, fishcake. The STORY is the same regardless. Moreover, the book has been in the public domain for awhile now. PG has it available with the cover for free. Take the cost of the ebook, go onto ebay and buy a used ebook reader for that price and, voila, you're good to go.

    I had a leather-bound version at one time; not sure what happened to it. I gave away all my paperbacks but still have an old, red, hardcover edition from Fraser Pub. on my shelf. It has a picture of a smoking bear in a suit on the front cover.
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