Reminder of what the Republicans have accomplished in 8 years during Bush era

Discussion in 'Politics' started by walter4, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. 5 trillion dollars added to the debt

    Housing values cut in half

    USD decimated

    Oil and gold prices have doubled

    Stock market decimated

    Millions of jobs lost

    1.5 trillion dollar deficit

    9.6% unemployment

    More people on food stamps then ever before

    Worst economy since the great depression

    Cost of health insurance has doubled

    middle class eliminated

    huge expansion of government

    Am i missing anything?

    If you want to leave the car in drive, vote Republican, and we can proceed to take this baby the rest of the way off the cliff.
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    Thats very creative plagiarising my post word for word, you have any ideas of your own?
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    I just saw this thread. So who was the first joker?
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    Just a reminder, Bush is out of office and will never hold any public office again as long as he lives, therefore he has no power, all the dems are still there from 2006 though.
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    We accept or reject historical determinism on this board with humorous convenience [and math]. It's a cause for this problem, but only if we go back four years, or it's a cause for that problem, but only looking back eight years and ignoring the last three years. Etc.