Remembering mike-claire (ET nostalgia)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by spect8or, Apr 21, 2004.

  1. Anyone remember that wacky "italian" (frenchman?), mike-claire, who came here complaining he was "threatened" by IB? Lol, what a classic that one was.

    Anyone have any other ET "classic moments" from ET's 'Golden Age'?

    Personally, my favorites were the ones where hitman used to go at it with Don Bright.
  2. I remember mike-claire saying he was happy, glad the 9/11 attack took place and how the US deserved it. Couldn't forget that.

    Hitman seemed to be mentally fragile.

    Do you remember reading Quah's threads? Interesting.
  3. Wait a second here....If I joined in Jan 03 then actually, I've been a member almost a year longer than how does that make you part of the 02 class? Unless of course that's because you have numerous secret alias'.....Care to share?:cool:
  4. Babak


    nostalgic moments?

    hmmm...what about the superego episode? the Tony Oz classics? the shortboy misadventures in simple math?

    oh so many!

  5. Lol, the superego and shortboy sagas! How could I forget! Classics.

    mytwocents, I joined up near the beginning of '02 but I've since changed my handle.

    Sabena trying to break larry williams' record was another good one.

    Also the first big religion debate on here -- "superstition" or something -- with darkhorse vs the world was a good one. (The one rs7 always used to brag about starting.)

    And that thread where max first nailed rs7 will live long in my memory too.
  6. Babak


    yeah! what the heck happened to sabena? :D
  7. Pabst


    Where's Tampa?