remember those gift certificates?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bigbear, Nov 15, 2003.

  1. bigbear


    I know the moderator removed the thread but could someone send me a mail within EliteTrader giving me the site. i don't even remember that. Or answer here. I figure he is still giving them away if you get on some email list or something. Thanks.
  2. Daryn


    I get one every two weeks along with all of their other spam...despite my requests to cancel
    They are from


  3. I get that too, but it was only a $25 certificate. The one offered in Elite was a $50 certificate. That get's you free books. I Derrik Hobbs and a few other's for free. I need another one of those certificates so I can get Dave Landry's book. Any one have it, please pm me.
  4. I used one from the other day. It was flashing on the left side of either the Home page or the Free Services page. It was the $50 dollar one.