Remember Newt and the boys- Contract On America?

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    That kind of got scrapped once the GOP got power in 2000. What happened to it Cons?

    Written by Larry Hunter who was aided by Newt Gingrich, Robert Walker, Richard Armey, Bill Paxon, Tom DeLay, John Boehner and Jim Nussle, and in part using text from former President Ronald Reagan's 1985 State of the Union Address?

    The Fiscal Responsibility Act
    The Taking Back Our Streets Act
    The Personal Responsibility Act
    The American Dream Restoration Act
    The National Security Restoration Act
    The "Common Sense" Legal Reform Act
    The Job Creation and Wage Enhancement Act
    The Citizen Legislature Act
    and more

    So - Cons- how did that work out for you? I have been saving this bullet for a long time because I wanted to see how the results from 2008 worked out.

    A LOT of people I know remember this - and remember jumping ship for GOP - and remember how it's been all but ignored for the last 8 years, and remember how you people just can't be trusted

    Here's just one priceless effect:
    November 13, 2000 article by Edward H. Crane, president of the libertarian Cato Institute, stated, "... the combined budgets of the 95 major programs that the Contract with America promised to eliminate have increased by 13%"

    No worries GOP - we won't fall for that trick again
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    I don't think anyone here will claim that the republican party is truly conservative anymore. For an example, the GOP used to have a major plank in their platform about a smaller government. Not growing slower, not a reduction in acceleration of increase, but actual less government (I know, what an old fashioned quaint bit of nonsense).

    I would expect the liberals to cheer this development, however. Now no major party wants to reverse the growth of federal power and spending. Just about everybody in DC is currently thinking up ways to spend more money faster, increase the size of the bureaucracy, send the tentacles of the federal government further into every nook and corner of private life. I even hear people crying that the government should tell you how much you can spend on a house!

    This is exactly what the liberals want. Government deciding everything for you, running your life, telling you were to live, where to work, what shirt to buy, who to marry, everything. Which is great when you are too irresponsible, lazy, stupid and ignorant to make decisions for yourself. I can see from recent elections that a large chunk of voters fit this category well. But it would be nice if the adults could be free. Perhaps it is a good thing that only a few of us are left.
  3. the republicans failed to cut spending even for public tv. reagan got all of his requested tax cuts but he failed to cut spending.
  4. Does anyone use logic anymore?

    "I hate this guy because he spent too much. But I love this guy because he spends even more!"
  5. i dont hate reagan. he was a great leader but he proved it is near impossible to cut spending.
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    Yeah, for a while the GOP would at least give lip service to the principles of conservatism. IIRC, even W ran on a platform of smaller government - the first time around, anyway. He didn't shrink it of course, but somehow the fact that the GOP doesn't even pretend to be conservative anymore is sad.

    But it's what the people want. Someone to take care of them. Somebody who will figure out what the A in ARM means. Somebody who can add and subtract and say "Don't buy that house, you can't afford it."

    There was a time in this country when people would have strongly resented being told what house they could buy, when people very much would rather make their own decisions for themselves. It's hard for me to understand why anybody would want government to decide things for them.
  7. I am a Conservative and a Libertarian, with a green streak. I don't see either party really helping with any of these 3.

    They are mostly just organizations looking out for self-interests, spending money like a billion drunken sailors, running up huge debts and deficits, and then burying their heads in the sand. Their neglect, greed and self-interests will kill us all.

    If I had one wish for the fed govt, it would be that deficit spending was never allowed ever, that special "bonds" to get around that were illegal (like some states and cities do), and that every budget was always required to balance and if NOT we cut spending, did not raise taxes.
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    Well said. America has 5 years left, tops. Just imagine the repercussions another terror attack, financial collapse, or bio-scare will levy on our freedoms?

    With each new calamity, the Government demands more liberty be taken, and trillions more spent. It seems we've entered the era of disaster politics.
  9. Yeah with the dickhead dems in congress. Give the reps a supermajority and the white house and problems are solved.
  10. you mean like bush did with control of all 3 branches of government?
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