Remember Dubai? You were dreaming

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    I am phenomenally stupid. Stupid in every conceivable way except one: I'm dimly aware that I'm stupid. This means I spend much of my time assuming the rest of the world knows better, that everyone else effortlessly comprehends things I struggle to understand. Things like long division, or which mobile phone tariff to go for. In many ways, this is a comforting thought, as it means there's a limitless pool of people more intelligent than myself I can call on for advice.

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    in the comments:

    "It reminded me of the Pharoahs building the pyramids with slave labour."
  3. if ancient Egyptian Pharaohs had our technology, dubai is exactly the city and society what they would created
  4. pretty funny.
  5. Few weeks ago, I learned Dubai World has most luxury hotel, cheapest room was $5000 per night. I was even dreaming I could travel there and stay a few nights in that hotel some day.:D
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    Yeah that $5000 has now been cut to $49, tonight only :)
  7. Will there be air condition in the room?
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    pharoahs watching over slaves scouping up sh*t on the beaches, lol
  9. The Burj is only $1592 per night right now. Goes up to $1,715 for Christmas(hahaha imagine spending Christmas in the middle east!) In January price goes down to $1,494 after Jan 10. So basically the room costs more than the plane ticket.
  10. Kick 'em when they're down. Boyaah! :cool:

    It would probably take 10 years to get a permit let alone build anything like the Burj in the US.
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