Remember as a kid wanting those x-ray glasses so you could see naked chicks?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by stock777, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. a fanatic government going crazy

    I like the comments that are posted in support of the shit, well no surprise there as the average man is stupider than its government

    love how the pussy always says ya so long as it keeps me safe, do they know shoving a 16" dildo up their cunt will also keep them safe?!

    no wonder the US government spends so much money towards the pussification of its nation, cause pussies bend over for anything that can keep them safe
  2. remember those cameras a few years back that could see through clothes :D
  3. I understand your point completely. I think your point is lost on much of the country. (Sigh) Oh well..... I think it boils down to "Is this the best we can do?"
  4. i hope it's not cold the day i go thru :D
  5. Good point. Wear a viagra shirt and be scanned with an erection. marketing 101. I wonder if you can keep your hands in your pocket?
  6. TGregg


    It is going to be very difficult to refrain from doing The Bump & Grind when I go through one of these. :D