Remember a couple weeks ago everyone was "selling gold to buy Bitcoin"?

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  1. /GC has had a nice move up. Bitcoin a nice move down.Big selloff coming at 1300 for /GC?? Or will it find some real legs above 1300? Would Bitcoin go even lower if /GC does catch a bid above 1300? Opinions on correlation?
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    I think people here don’t understand the concept of volatility (which is needed before you delve into the the correlation mess). Bitcoin is realizing about 10-11% per day this year (160-180% per year). It’s down 30% from its peak over the course of two weeks, which is actually less than a single standard deviation. So no, it’s not a “nice move”. It’s equivalent of S&P having a down 50basis point day - would that raise your eyebrows?

    As for correlation of anything crypto with gold - I’d venture it is zero and anything you find is spurious.
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    Fed have stopped dumping 4000 gold futures at market to temp the bitcoiners in.
  4. Down 30% from highs is not a nice down move? What would be? 50% down?
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  6. I understand that Bitcoin is much more volatile than gold. If you owned 1 Bitcoin and it was worth 20,000 dollars. Now it’s worth less than 14,000. Not an insignificant down move.
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    Two standard deviations is where “significant” starts in my mind. This way you normalize the idea of “big” between different assets.
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    LOL. Probably Zerohedge.
  9. Fair point. I tend to agree. A little to much wiggle room in the words “big” or “ significant”. Different for everybody. Standard deviations ( or two)are a more consistent way to measure moves in different underlyings. The big or significant part is inconsequential. Gold up. Bitcoin down. Will this continue?
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    My speculation.
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