remeberance sunday..

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  1. my grandfather was a cooper in Scotland when at that time Remembrance Day
    wasn't a holiday
    the workers were told to work straight through on the 11th, that there wouldn't be
    the two minute observance
    when the time came he stopped working, stood still and observed the two minutes
    and was promptly fired
  2. surpised there- here i UK- always wear a " poppy with pride"

    I noted even Beckhams kids did so- no doubt corprate
  3. 'Muslims chant abuse and burn poppy during silence'

    Published Date: 12 November 2010 By Stephen McGinty
    "Muslim protesters burned a poppy and chanted "British soldiers burn in hell" during
    yesterday's two minutes of silence in London.
    Dozens of protesters calling themselves "Muslims against Crusaders" screamed
    "British Troops are murderers" and "There will be no security for Britain while troops
    remain in Muslim land" as bystanders fell silent to remember fallen soldiers.
    About 50 members of the English Defence League staged a counter-protest, turning
    their back on the Muslims during the two-minute silence in Kensington, central
    London. As soon as the silence started, a Muslim yelled out: "British soldiers go to
    hell." The chants continued, and halfway through the silence, one of the group held
    up a poppy, set it alight and threw it on the ground.
    The EDL leader then ran through the police cordon to attack them. Punches were
    thrown before riot police entered the fray and arrested him. A second scuffle and
    further arrests followed, before the Muslim protesters were herded by police to the
    nearest Tube station while the EDL members were held back.: end