Remarkable Call, Financial Crisis Over...

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  1. 09:04 Punk Ziegel says the financial crisis is over -- this is a once in a generation opportunity to buy bank stocks

    Punk Ziegel believes the financial crisis is over, and that although there will be more negative developments, they will be meaningless. Firm says an environment has been created that will pump profits into the American banking system. Firm believes the last time an opportunity of this nature existed to buy bank stocks this cheap was in 1990. The next time will be in 20 years. They say this is a once in a generation opportunity.

    Bove was right on this. not that I'm anybody, but I think this is a horrible call. Maybe two years from now, financials are higher, but there's been a lot os sin, and not much in the way of forgiveness.

    We still haven't seen the worst. Then, maybe.
  2. If they're wrong buyers will have been "punk'd"
  3. I ;m old enough to remember big forms forcing analysts to make call.

    Looka the news. MF Global, Merrill. Now I know I 'm not the brightest bulb in the lamp, but man, the last time I saw a bottom that looked like this, she was wearing a moustache.
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    Maybe Bill Punk will pay for the pizza today if he gets order flow!
    That guy still has the first dollar he made on Wall Street.

  5. looks like punk wants paper buyers to walk up the prices to comfortable selling level to put him shorty.
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  7. you`re right.........he`s not synonymous with savvy.......perhaps wanting to kick the 50 shares he owns at higher price.......still has first dollar made on the street......:p that`s funny & probably accurate.
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    It is how many times the "bottom" has been in according to the
    experts that appear on CNBC, Bloomberg, etc. If not a
    bottom, the market is close or searching for a bottom.

    How come no one comes out and says "lets wait for an
    uptrend to form"?

    Trying to get in early can be extremely dangerous.
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    He claimed to run a "Hedge Fund" called Argyle Capital back in the 1990's, when asked how much capital he runs, he would mumble quietly about a million!!!

    BILLY BOY what's for lunch?
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