REMARK HOLDING? what do you think of this stock?

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  1. was looking through some stocks and saw this company called Remark Holding and seem to be promising at the current situation. They had been on an upward trend and yesterday had an insane increase of 7% in the market with an increase of $0.40 cents per unit to a soaring $2.60 cents per unit at its best.
    I personally feel it is a good buy looking at the prospect of the company as it develop a technology that allows people to take temperature without coming in contact. At the end of April , they had also made an announcement to send AI to the U.S and Japan.

    I personally feel that this stock will continue to have an upward trend with its possible project deal with Disney. With the current situation, there is definitely growth in this company
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    This stock MARK is in my watchlist. It is on a pullback. Once, it moves higher, you should get in. Just observe it for now. If it goes lower then, you do not over pay. Patience is the key.
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  3. Deja Vu
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    Looks like every penny stock company. And their name is "Holdings" for a reason - they don't do anything specific so each month they can announce something new and related to whatever people want to hear.
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  5. I've been trading this stock since below $1, its been lots of fun. I like how its not getting crushed even with the Market going down.
    Hey GURU, you watching GNUS? Been juggling that MARK, CODX. Since you like Penny Stocks I thought you should keep a eye on it. I have 25,000 with a good average.
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    Garbage. Question of time, before they go bust.

    ~ 1-3 years.
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    so some stock promoter bought a lot of stock at .50 and now selling it for $1.60?

    post it when the stock price was .50 cents. .lots of these stocks in the market.
    nobody wanted to buy it at .40/cents share and no investors interest.
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    not that is how you get rich in the stock market. they though amazon would go bust back in 2003 and appl was in bankrutptcy etc. it's that 1% of stocks that is 100x bagger. or 10x bagger in 4 years or bust.
    tesla been in business since 2003

    some companies go nowhere or stagnant and when 'new management', it goes on rocketship.

    new management is like new company. why you think CEO only $300,000/salary but millions in stock options, there is an incentive for ceo to increase shareholder value or not destroy it.

    management or employees are like business partners in startups or new small companies rather than 'employees' or peasants or rental machines to be used, abused, disposed, and easily replaceable.
  9. I posted it when it was trading $1.4-$1.60, hit $2.65 next day but I warned everyone these stocks collapse because WS Bets and StockTwit Pumpers were in full force. I think this is why Baron use to remove thread on Penny Stocks because people don't want your opinion, just another site to promote cash burning crap.
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  10. I am bailing out of GNUS, scaled up and selling above $1.40 and saving some for the AH pump. It was $1.12-$1.15 when I posted this. Good Luck!
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