Remaining Emotionless While Trading?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by mizer, Feb 4, 2006.

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    Well here is my story......I've been scalping NYSE stocks at a prop firm for almost 4 months now and while trading I'm constently cursing and getting fustrated when in a postion. What do you guys do to remain relaxed and emotionless while trading?

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    Its not my edge I'm concerned about (Its profitable:D ) Its about leaving my emotions out of trading. A few other guys in my group have been trading for 5-15 years and they pull nice profits from the market daily and they too burst out swearing or bang the desk, throw the mouse,etc
  4. Good trading should be fun.. I don't think you are engaged in trading.
  5. mizer


    Then what would you consider me to be "engaged" in?
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    Mizer, I don't think there is a person out there who doesn't curse or get frustrated when a trade goes against them. You're only human. I think the problem is when it goes beyond normal angst. Anyone who tells you otherwise is full of shit.
  7. Hi Mizer,

    Interesting handle....

    I have been around some huge traders both in my equity and in my futures days. Outbursts are common in trading and it stems from the need for a trader to know that he is right immediately. A person needs a sense of control and wants the market to do what he wants. Believe me, most people are not immune from this no matter what they tell you. You can even check out old-timers running chatrooms who will cuss and cheer the market to go their way. It is just human nature. You won't be any different unless you make an effort to be.

    The bigger question is: What are you emotional about? What kind of thoughts are you having? Are you screaming things like, "Look at this sh*t, they will probably ram it down my throat!" or "I can f**king do one thing right in this market"? If that's what you are thinking or saying, then you have set yourself up for hardship. You need to determine how you can take another perspective on what you are doing or take a vacation.... whichever one is least expensive. :)
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    Well its various things.......when I get in a long postion I say things like get the F**K up there you POS. Then its various complaints about fills,etc. It seems like all day I'm fustrated about missing moves that I hesitated on making a trade in and I'm constently talking to myself and the screen and I just want to know what other traders do to relax while trading and not get so uptight?
  9. mizer,

    sounds to me like you have issues

    Time to stop blaming the market/ specialists/ fills

    and move the blame onto yourself.

    Yep, No sugar coating,

    You have issues. Fix them.

    I never shout at my trades when it goes against me, I Don't even get mad at my trades, I find out whats wrong with them, Bad fill? bad size . Bad trade? Why.

    Only time you should yell at the market is when you are up $3k and it keeps going up


    Which I am :D

    then calm down because thats when you need to close out 1/2 the position :D
  10. Tell yourself to listen to the market instead of talking to it. You will become aware of what it is trying to tell you and will act accordingly without hesitation. It will even make you a better boyfriend/husband/mate. :D
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