Remain calm...

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  1. the time 2 buy is now

    remember the fed kept rates the same and after slowing econ growth he certainly wont raise them anytime soon

    also fundementals still strong

    earnings still good

    oil rebound not a big deal

    Go long on DIA if you dont know what to buy
  2. capmac


    agree, just remember to keep buying. It's so easy to make money in this market.

    It's like picking money off the floor.
  3. Don't you ever stop with your permabull nonsense?

    You should be hoping for a small pullback and consolidation.
  4. Just waiting for GTC buy orders to be filled.. c'mon panic bears sell sell!!
  5. This market is a trader's delight.

    Make hay while the sun is shining.
  6. Oh my, the mkt goes down for ONE day and all you assclowns say this is the time to buy? Can't the mkt go down for a little longer before you guys come on ans say this is the bottom? For all the serial top pickers there are around here makloda and stock are serial bottom pickers. You guys are too funny!
  7. "I still continue to see a lot of value out there, stocks are grossly undervalued!"

  8. You have learn how to write more than one-liners if you want to graduate high explain yourself little one.
  9. S2007S


    just keep buying, next week when the dow is at 13500 you will say why didnt I buy when the dow was down 112 points to 13250!!!!

    maybe this is the start of another decline too.....

    who knows.

    :p :p :p
  10. S2007S


    she raised her forecast the other day.....
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