relocation from U.S. to U.K.

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  1. You need to get proper advice on this. Things may have changed since I was there a few years ago, but one person limited companies can be treated harshly by the Inland Revenue if they are deemed to be set up for the purposes of avoiding national insurance contributions. Under IR35 you can end up paying the employee's AND employer's NI contributions and be quite a bit worse off than an ordinary employee being paid a wage or salary. Not having to pay VAT on company purchases is unlikely to compensate.
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  2. I was starting to think it was just about the brawls.
    Appreciate your responses. I realize the upcoming elections are going to have a major impact on lots of things in the U.K. (like how many cases of Marmite they'll be able to write off this year). I would be going as the spouse of a U.K. citizen. Under current immigration, I believe my children are eligible for U.K. citizenship despite being born in the U.S. as their mother is U.K.-born.
    I am pretty certain I'll need to consult a tax specialist re: this as it's a quagmire operating as a sole proprietor under the BEST of circumstances in the U.K.: trading, I can't imagine the nightmares.

    Again, thanks and if anyone has anything to add, tia.

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  3. Depend on what you trade and your style. Spreadbetting may be a feasible option for you in the UK.
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