religious school received $445 million in federal financial aid last year

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  1. the government is paying to send kids to schools that teach creationism and deny science. it it any wonder the us is falling behind?

    Liberty University students received approximately $445 million in federal financial aid money last fiscal year, according to U.S. Department of Education data, making LU the top recipient in Virginia.

    The rapid growth of Liberty’s online program has fueled the increased reliance on federal aid dollars, said Robert Ritz, LU’s executive director of financial aid.

    Last year, Liberty enrolled about 52,000 online students, plus another 12,000 through its residential programs.
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    You really are a one trick pony aren't you?
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    There is nothing in the article re creationism or science denial.
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    Well it did make for a "sensational" thread title though.
  5. liberty university is well known for their claim of teaching that the bible is inerrant.
    An Agence France-Press report estimates that some 40 percent of the United States believe in creationism, which holds that the Earth was created by God only several thousand years ago. Students are flocking to Liberty University to study this literal interpretation of the Bible, much to the dismay of scientists.

    Liberty University was founded by the late and very controversial Rev. Jerry Falwell.
  6. Do you know what Liberty University teaches? Do you know that Jerry Falwell is the mastermind behind Liberty University?

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    The govt should stop giving out loan mod to liberty university and harvard and everywhere else... it has escalated the cost of education.

    Its not good for the students and its not good for the tax payers.
  8. If this was gov funding for some muslim school, all would be well for Free Tinkerbell.
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    Agreed 100%. In fact some time back I saw a study that suggested, among other things of course, that PART of our out of control medical costs are due to the extraordinary costs of medical school and the resultant high fees the doctors charge to be able to pay back their student loans.
  10. Exactly. This money is just a backdoor subsidy for universities, which of course are a crucial democrat constiuency.

    Universities practice a particulalry disgusting form of economic extortion in which they fix prices, then strip all the savings of most middle class parents. They do it by using price discrimination, in which they effectively charge all students, except the super rich, all they can afford to pay. They pretend to charge sky high "list prices", whch ony the rich pay, and give discounts through loans, etc so that they squeeze the maximum possible out of each family.

    Fedral student aid and loans make it all possible, because they could never get away with their list pirces otherwise. They would be forced to operate more or less like a normal business, instead of having professors working a day or two a week and administrators making more than GS execs.
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