Religious Freaks

Discussion in 'Politics' started by adadadog, May 21, 2011.

  1. Yeah, but you gotta feel sorry for the kids of these idiots.
  2. maxpi


    There are much worse parents to be found than religious idiots.

    I'd say that humanity is not real bright in the overall picture, that's why Jesus referred to us as sheep! Sheep are very flawed and it's easy to parallel sheep behavior to human behavior LOL.. Humans are going off the cliff with Socialism currently, it's in worldwide meltdown, the governments can never pay off all their promises and they have burdened their economies so much that we can't come out of recession... Sheep will lay on one side until they are paralyzed unless somebody comes along and makes them move... people will stick to their politics until their thinking is paralyzed and they will die with those political beliefs..

    Harold Camping is a jerk for sure though... anybody with $300/month can get a shortwave broadcast..