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    In this day and age- whats the point of it all?

    All religions are outdated and have no baring on real everyday life.Whether or not a Muslim,Jew,Sikh,Catholic, Buddah or Christian.

    Whats the point in it all?

    Dont see the point myself, as all it seems to do is create wars and jobs ( Kiddie fiddlers and perverts to abuse the vunerable and weak- see latest Catholic case)
  2. "Religion is regarded by the common man as true, the wise man as false, and the rulers as useful."

    ~Seneca the Younger 4 b.c.- 65 a.d
  3. The point? It is to distinguish oneself from another... as with any other institution.
  4. The point is it teaches you how to conduct yourself and explains what is right & wrong. If you don't have a group focus point on what is right & wrong, then you are just going to decide for yourself if you are in the right or wrong with no moral compass to guide you.

    For instance...lets look at how a gangbanger thinks. Someone looks at him wrong or says something about his mother and in his mind its ok to kill that person for "disrespecting" him. Yet if he did it to someone else, its all of a sudden ok because he gets to make up his own rules.
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    Tax write offs?
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    Yes, the Spanish Inquisition is demonstrative of that.
  7. The same guy said "Might makes right" and "its better to know useless things than nothing"

    Senaca seemed like kind of an idiot if you ask me.
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    This is the parents job to raise the children properly, teach them whats right or wrong. Not the state or a church. No?
  9. Many who choose not to join a formal religion have solid moral compasses. I think many Church groups do good things, I also think many Church groups have outlived their usefulness. Education has replaced the need for much of what organized religion has offered over the centuries.

    The old adage 'If there is no God, man would have to have invented one to explain our existence' - paraphrasing of course. The 'opiate of the masses' - or a way to control large groups of people.

    Heck, you see Rappers all wearing large gold crosses, are they, or any other performer, actually going to church every Sunday, or Saturday, or Friday, depending on particular sect? So much blood has been spent on the 'my God is better than your God' way of thinking, it's just not necessary IMO. Please don't think I'm in any way at all not respecting everyone's right to believe in and pray to whomever they please. Just sharing my thoughts, heaven forbid j/k.

  10. Excellent point +1.

    Too bad that so many parents are brainwashed or lack the capacity to help as much as they should.

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