Religion of Peace: Man gets 600 lashes for insulting islam

Discussion in 'Religion and Spirituality' started by peilthetraveler, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. Ricter


    It used to be that many thought God (the Christian one) was the same way, with His harsh judgements. Over centuries that changed. And now, people profess to believe in Him, like you, and yet come here, for example, and post hate which He would NOT approve of.
  2. pspr


    Make that 7 years in prison.

    "A man who wanted to discuss religion has already been locked up for a year and now faces 600 lashes and <u>seven years in prison</u>."
  3. On a lighter note , The religious police in East Aleppo - Syria have outlawed the carrying and transfer of certain size cucumbers through the only pass that connects East to West Aleppo . . . Wonder what'll be forbidden next !
  4. LEAPup


    The same shit is coming to a theatre near you sooner than you can imagine. America is either finished, or we fight to restore the Constitution...