Religion, and the New America

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  1. US President Barack Hussein Obama said in his speech:

    "We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus - and non-believers,"

    A great presidency is shaping up. He showed respect to all Americans, and all free and loving people of this world. Great way to start Barack. God bless you!

    To those who like to sow hate among peoples and religions, your era belongs to the ash heaps of history.

    PS: In the God bless you above, God means, the God of Abraham whose name in hebru is Hashem (Jews), In arabic Allah (Muslims), and the Lord (Father, Son and Hollyspirit) (Christians).

    Non abrahamic religions, tell us the name of your God?
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    We republicans are sorry that we have never acknowledged that there are unbelievers in this country. How disrespectful of us.

    -dripping sarcasm-
  3. What does the constitution say about religion and God for americans?

    Are you against the US constitution?
  4. there will never be peace in the world until religious superstition is educated out of the minds of the people.
  5. Try to remember it was his speech writers that showed respect to all those people...not barack...hes just a guy that read a teleprompter.

    And try to remember that Mohammad was a false prophet as predicted in revelations in the bible 100s of years before Mohammad was even born. So you cant trust Islam as a real religion. Cant remember the exact page, but i think its somewhere around Rev 20:12 or so if you want to look it up. It talks about the false prophet that led so many people to hell, and Islam has MANY followers of the "prophet" so its pretty obvious who the bible is talking about.

    God bless, and my God is the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob and my saviour is Jesus the son of God.
  6. that could just as easily have been paul.
  7. I thought he was supposed to be bringing us together, not making dumb PC statements to emphasize differences. We have had way too much of hyphenated americans. History teaches that balkanization is not good for a country. Diversity is a weakness, not a strength, except in the clouded minds of those indoctrinated in multicultural nonsense.

    This is a Christian country. Historically and statistically. Deal with it.
  8. its a secular country with a whole bunch of deluded christians in it. deal with it.
  9. Not true. Many examples. International trade: our diversity allows us to reach and sell in every corner of the globe.

    Examples of usefulness of divesity in relegion:
    1. Muhammed Ali was able to release Iran hostages after many military, diplomatic, and other attempts. The key for him to succeed (in addition to his personality) was the fact that he is Muslim. So he was listen to when he disagreed with the mullahs, and he go the hostages two days later.

    2. Imagine a conflict between two nations with two religions, we can send a delegation of Americans containing equal representation from each religion, This will allow us to mediate, and enhance and meet the expectation of America, the leading nation of the world.

    3. Too many other examples to give here.

    This is a Christian country. Historically and statistically. Deal with it.

    You are wrong about it. America voted and told the people who think like you that America is for all Americans.

    The President spoke what America told him to say. They voted for him. You have to respect that.
  10. His competitors in the campaigns also had speech writers.

    He showed that he is way ahead of them in public speaking.

    Finally we do not have a president who mumbles, but a president who will get world leaders to try to imitate him because they envy his public speaking abilities.

    He is the new Bill Clinton to the world.
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