Religion and Spitzer

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  1. What faith/religion does Spitzer follow if any?
  2. None - his parents were Jewish but don't practice
  3. Primarily he has faith in separation from what is God. So he experiences what he wishes for, experiencing it as real. Such is the world. And the world is the ego's religion. It leads to a sense of deprivation, lack, and a feeling of need. Perfect union offers everything. And all who wander the world had everything, and will never be satisfied with less than what they had before. Yet it is unavailable in a world where everything is separate from everything else. Undaunted, man seeks what he came to find...the one thing that everything cannot offer him...something more than everything...something idol. Yet a thousand idols would never even come close to the everything he gave up for what cannot be shared by the whole. So it goes. He seeks for nothing, and calls it something of value, until he sees the futility of it all. Till then, he seeks after the symbols of union, seeking himself in symbols. But bodies can't ever really join. And so, he must seek again and again for what he has now - the everything of oneness - anytime he disinvests his faith in separation.