Relief rally cming tuesday?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ghostzapper, Sep 1, 2008.

Is a relief rally coming tuesday?

  1. Yes, and thank goodness that the damage was minimal

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  2. No, the market will selloff anyway

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  3. would you please get lost

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  1. Thank goodness that the gulf coast was well prepared for the latest hurricane. Oil has not risen, and may fall by tomorrow, and the stock market may be in for a relief rally.

    I'm looking at oil related stocks to sell off, as well as other commodity type stocks.

    Maybe a good trade is to go long stock index futures and go short oil and commodity related stocks.
  2. would love to hear comments from all my "trading" friends. Comments from valued contributors like rennick and ivanovich should be most useful!
  3. Looks to be a good trade!:)