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Discussion in 'Politics' started by taodr, Aug 28, 2002.

  1. taodr


    What a relief this week not to hear Maria Barfaroma shreiking like she does every morning premarket. I usually change the channel from bubblevision to something else while she's on. I seriously wonder how many "shakers" blew a lot of money taking positions on the strength of her advisers giving her news . Must admit she has a sexy mouth.
  2. keep it in ur pants, hornball. hehe jk
  3. Just in case you get Maria-sick, here are some of her gems:

    :) Dow Futures down 120 points: "There's money on the sidelines!"

    :D SP Futures up 0.5 points: "The market's poised for a rally!"

    :mad: Nasdaq Futures down 35 points: "Sector rotation; money going out of techs, into -fill in the blank-"

    :( Dow 7600: "Maybe we should short the market "

    :p Nasdaq 5,180: "Nasdaq 10,000! -pant, pant, pant-"
  4. taodr


    Maria semms to love negative news. CNBC should send her somewhere so she can report death and destruction , she relishes the BAD stuff.
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    is it just me or do can you all see that sometimes maria looks like she has come in hungover as hell, runny eye makeup, seems half asleep except for her triple espresso- it looks like somedays she has just run in the door with no sleep after one of her all night bingers- and she looks like complete shit !! not that she was much to look at anyways.....
  6. You mean the "servicing of the US naval fleet while in town on liberty and was hung up wet" look. :eek:

    I agree she isn't much to look at and the "crack ho binge" look isn't that far down the scale from where she started..... :D


  7. All the beautiful sounds of the world in a single word
    " " " " " Maria " " " " "
    I just met a girl named Maria.
    Say it loud and there's music playing
    Say it soft and it's almost like praying
    Maria, I'll never stop saying Maria.

    She has that come on over and (fill in the blank) look. Full Lips, nice butt. she could be an elitetrader pinup girl ( for us guys over 40 ) ... if ya could get her to shut the he#%! up.
  8. Actually she looks better this week after her vacation. She looked like hell back in early August. I guess shorting stocks at Dow 7600 will do that to you :D