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  1. Sumeet


    Hi all,

    I am just a stock trader and new in this arena of automated strategy based trading. I have been trying to automate my trades using Startegy desk provided for free by TD Ameritrade. But tool is not only lame but does even have correct historical data.

    Being just a stock trader I have handful of requirements:

    1. I should be able to develop strategies/trade plans (entry - exits) based on charts of different time frames, based on multiple indicators simultaneously, MAs, volumes, etc.

    2. Developing strategies is not enough. I should be able to test the startegy on historical data with a basket of stocks or protfolios or markets. The data should be accurate.

    3. The tool should have all the features from a developers stand point such as if-else, etc.

    4. It shouldn't be limited to technical analysis. It should have fundamental analysis data as well such as Debt ratio , Beta,etc for each stock. So that I can set the stock screening criteria.

    5. It should be able to store favourite stocks charts with manually drawn trend lines and should be able to send alerts if those trendlines are breached.

    6. It should have pattern matching capability. such as it can tell the stocks which are forming head & shoulder pattern.

    7. It should send out email or sms alerts and not just make sounds.

    To all the pros please suggest a tool which can do all this stuff. I cant take a dig at all the trading platforms because each has its own learning curve. I know that because I a s/w preofessional.

    Is it too much to ask from a tool?

    Please be unbiased. I really appreciate your help.


  2. Sumeet


    Can someone answer my above questions?

    I would really appreciate some help, suggestion or idea from the trading pros in this forum.