Reliable $TICK chart.

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  1. Sterling is way too late and slow.

    Qcharts (Esignal) is slow also,

    The $TICK chart on Think or Swim is OK but doesn't register every tick (the actual tick may go below -1000 on TC2000 (see below), but TOS may only register a low of -850 or so).

    TC2000 Realtime is the best I've found so far. It streams very well, but the $TICK was down today (at least on my system) and is down quite often.

    Is there a reliable $TICK indicator which streams effortlessly and fluidly?

    Or is this just a pipe dream?

    Thanks folks.

    Oh, and go Badgers!
  2. I use DTN IQ Feed and QuoteTracker, and they're pretty good, but they, along with everyone else on a retail level, were lagging during the market's tremendous sell-off this morning.

    But the $Tick chart seems to be fine.

    Good Luck
  3. $TICK is 6 second delay with Esignal and 4 second with DTN.IQ feed - to have any better you would have to build your own $TICK factory from raw data. :)

    What you are seeing at the retail level is 4 to 6 seconds AFTER the fact - Enjoy! :p
  4. Thanks, but that kind of illustrates what I'm talking about.

    The low tick on TOS is -1363, and it made it down to -1306 at 1:10 central time today.

    The problem is that TOS is slow, so it makes me wonder what the real lows were on the tick today.

    I don't mean to be nit-picky, but I'm just used to a $tick which is way better than the one at TOS, but it's down half the time.
  5. I set up my own $TICK and I can set the time frame any way I want - Range, Ticks, minutes, seconds, etc.

  6. Thanks. But just for the record, I trade with Echo. Have for years now. I thought the sterling reference would have been a clue that retail is not an issue, but oh well.

    Thanks for the info though. I just wonder why the Telechart platform is so fluid (when it works), and registers higher maximums, and lower minimums.

    I guess I'll call them on monday and see where the issue is.

    Thanks all.

  7. So you programmed it yourself?

    Well, crap. I suppose it's time I learn how to do this stuff.

    VB? C#? Something else?
  8. No, I tried Neoticker and it was still too slow - the bottom line is you are still dependent on a FEED which is too slow. I also found Neoticker to be a resource hog - that is counter productive.

    For the utmost in speed, you need raw tick data for all the stocks in the NYSE and then build your own TICK factory to compute the data for your own $TICK indicator. If you can get to 2 seconds or less you will have yourself one awesome tool!

    You should program your tick factory in whatever language your trade platform uses - then you can build seamless automated systems from your new market breadth indicator.
  9. They may have a computational error in their $TICK generator or they may have some of the stagnant NYSE issues removed from their TICK which will change the TICK readings. The great aspect of building your own TICK is the ability to make custom TICK indicators that are watching the most prominent stocks and removing the stagnant issues (which you can user define). :)

    So where do you trade for ECHO - remote or in an office?
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