Reliable Real-time data in Europe?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by badomavi, May 22, 2001.

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    Perhaps someone knows an answer to this, because my head hurts from hitting brick walls by now. :) I am getting ready to enter day-trading world, unfortunately I can't seem to get a reliable datastream for Realtick from US. I am located in Lithuania (Europe) and all ISP's use same backbone to connect to US, which happens to fail quite often.

    Does anyone know other options available? Is there a datasource in Europe? Perhaps sattelite stream? Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

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  2. dlincke


    Firstquote ( offers a Realtick based data service with servers located in Europe.
  3. I am also very interested in this. Anyone using sattelite in Europe?
  4. Mimimy


    There is that give dynamic real time data for europe & US for I think around 100 EUR per month.
  5. I'm using DBC's broadcast service via satelite. Works well in Belgium. Their main product is eSignal. But they still do broadcast.
  6. Chuck_T

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    I don't know that all ISPs in Europe use the same backbone, I think there are many. Our eSignal users seem to do very well connecting from Europe, and we have many. Might try another local ISP.

    Also we are adding 14 European exchanges this month, check this link out:

    We have 6 computer sites in the US. Since we are launching new services in Europe, probably sometime this year, we will locate a site in Europe.

    Or, as PeterCabus said, try Signal on satellite. By the way there is no more DBC, we are Interactive Data Corp (IDCO).

  7. Hi Chuck,

    will Signal (the broadcast version) be updated as well? The latest version is still 5.2.