Reliable Method to Export Historical Data to Excel

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    I need to have the 1000 bars of the hourly, 4-hourly, daily, weekly and the monthly Forex data (for 20 currency pairs) in Excel to perform certain calculations on a daily basis. I need updated data each day for the hourly, 4-hourly, daily datasets. I have a few questions:

    1) What you think could be the most reliable way to achieve that?

    2) I want the data to be free from certain spikes you see on various brokers. Do you think it is possible to export the data from a few broker’s MT4 terminals and aggregate them into one data set – removing single spikes which are not seen on the other terminals?

    3) I would wish the historical data to updated using the DDE connection but I guess this kind of the export is not supported?

    4) Do you know of some free or paid data service providers under 50$ per month which can do that? I do not real time data - it can be delayed.

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!)

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    thank you for your fast reply....esignal on demain does nto have intraday data as far as I understand or it does?
  3. it does
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    cool....there is a way to export the data from esignal to excel files? thanks for your help!

    btw what do you think of aggregating exported csv files from mt4 platforms of a few brokers? obviously no single broker is not good enough to rely on and this method would be free...buf of course data is more reliable in esignal right?
  5. if you want a lot of history then esignal have extended history as an option back to 1971 for futures.
  6. If you export from MT4 the data is from your broker so it is as reliable as he is. What you see on your graphs is what you get in the data.
    You can export and then do some Text to column with the CSV files but I don't know how you can do that fast for many files every day.
    In MT4 you have to download one pair at a time and one timeframe at a time. So in you case 20 * 5 = 100 files per day. About 30 minutes of clicking on a mouse per day, not a good option.
    You can have a scipt in the MT4 API to export the data to files but I have never done it. This could be a "great" option. Free but not hassle free.
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    thanks!) I shoudl definitely try them out...what abotu the reliability of their service? it is always up? I would need the data to be perfectly available each and every trading day
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    thanks....I have seen a plugin which allows to export the data from MT4 not remember it now....think there are more solutions to this task?

    and as for the hassleness of this - I can automate the procedure with task automation Automate
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