Reliable Indicators ??

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by rob311, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. rob311


    can anyone tell me thru teir own experience which indicators ( in each different catagory ) are the most Accurate AND Consistant ?

    1. Trend Indicators ( Trend Direction )
    2. Volume Indicators
    3. Momentum Indicators

    ThNX !!
  2. Do your own research.

    You need to worry about doing research and planning before even thinking about this.

    Asking for a system does not cut it. No indicator is reliable. It's only probable.

    I use no indicators other than moving averages now to locate the trend and support and resistance to locate areas of buying and selling.
  3. My guess is most indicators, if not all, are fairly reliably accurate and consistent in "trending" - towards losing money. :mad:
  4. I've found that the only use for any momo-based indicator is to provide visual-cues to potential divergences on price & indicator.
  5. I been through it- now i'm half nuts.

    use 'em all find the ones that work best for you. Try to have them compliment each other or confirm each other - you don't want contradiction amongst your indicators.

    Maybe a couple of breadth indicators with a couple of oscillators and volume- throw in a couple of moving averages that suit your time frame- don't ignore economic data. make sure you know bar charts well and patterns- big fellas will call this mumbo jumbo- ignore them, have fun , live well. i'd add a smily but they aren't responding
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    yes yes yes!!!--- This is the ideal use of an indicator. (not the only use though)---Divergences are better than price alone. Finally some sanity.
  7. Know how to read candle sticks and understand price action keep it simple don't clutter your screen with too many indicators and confuse yourself with false signals