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Discussion in 'Forex' started by trade2live, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. I was using FXtrek Intellicharts, they were the best I found.
    Now they are gone (free version), I can't find anything good.
    It has to display the standard close of the daily session at 5pm ET, otherwise I find it confusing. And I need multiple windows.
  2. contra


    Can use dailyfx in the meantime for the 17:00 EST close. They use netdania software but I'm not sure of the feed, it's fine though.
  3. I use the netdania based charts for intraday data and historical, I find they are not as good for daily charts, they use a different closing timê it seems.
  4. contra


    not the dailyfx ones last I checked. It is a different feed, they use the software.

    ps - I dont think it matters on the daily close TBH with 17:00 EST and 20:00 EST which netdania uses on their feed. It is close enough considering this is a 24h market. But if you insist, the dailyfx feed is a 17:00 EST close I just checked.
  5. contra,

    yes you are right thanks for pointing that out,
    that should do it for now.

    But I was wondering if there was anything like Ninjatrader,amibroker etc that could be used with free RT data for historical charts.
  6. contra


    hmmm I know of some others but they don't have have that much historical data and it's not as light as netdania (i like netdania software)

    You can get a free account at think or swim for charts and data which uses the 17:00 EST close with historical data... or some other cheap but not free alternatives.

    other than that I am pretty tapped out lol. let us know if you find anything else.
  7. contra


    what you get for free there sucks at the current time... the feed is gappy especially on daily, and he wants multiple windows/charts.