Reliable firm with 10-20x buying power.

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  1. Hi, a friend of mine (seriously) asked me where he could get 10-20 x buying power for trading stocks. Firm has to be reliable. I told him to check out HLV but I also remember a few negative posts here about HLV. What firm would you guys recommend for trading stocks remotely?


  2. Now, come know I'll bite on this one...Buying power is allowed to all serious (licensed) traders....and, just to be fair and balanced...assent/generic/ are reliable as well as us (we are obviously the best, but you already know that)....

    10-20 is rarely enough to even attempt opening orders, btw.

  3. Of course you guys are the BEST; can't argue with that :D

  4. Is that true?...Pax now owns Echo ? I may need to call Jeff D to get the full scoop....but if you know for sure, be sure to let us know..

    Gee, are we the only guys that can survive on our own these days? Or maybe we just don't charge our traders enough to make the extra millions....that some of the greedy guys go for. LOL (on a serious note, one guy from a big firm told Bob and I that our profit margins are way too low....which I guess means that they simply charge too much...obviously, this kid should stay out of the marketing department....

    Don :D
  5. TapeTrader88, I'll try to catch you on yahoo messenger later this evening.
  6. HLV Trading, Solaris Securities, and or Mr. Vaccaro have yet to pay. These are people who have contracts. One would think that they were futures contracts!!! Time is expiring on the whole scam.

    My friends are at the point of submitting an arbitration and possible criminal complaint against the trio. If it is true that Solaris, HLV, and Vaccaro are operating illegally and in tandem, they are all in trouble, the entities, traders, and investors.

    There are other places to trade!!!
  7. gam1111


    Does anyone have an opinion on which

    prop-firms in NYC are most reliable

    (creditworthy or financially strong) and

    which ones should be avoided?

    I'm trying to avoid another Worldco.
  8. Ebo


    Assent, Carlin, Shoney are not gonna go under!