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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by andy4, Jun 1, 2009.

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    Ok, now I know why it's taken me so long to switch from IB to a different broker :-(

    I used IB and their charts scalping YM, made money and to be honest felt IB did ok, apart from usual customer service stuff. Anyway I've heard how much faster TT and Zenfire are, and also that commissions would probably be better than IB's with a different broker.

    I've finally found a broker that I'm happy to go with, will save good money on commissions if I use Ninja instead of X trader (both TT feed). X trader will save a little, but this downloading data and keeping my computer on from early morning just to get indicators up to speed for the start of the day, really sucks - am I missing something ?

    Thought well maybe need to just pay up for X trader and X study, but looks like I have the same no back inter day data if my comp' wasn't switched on, plus with X study I don't seem to be able to get 140, 250 tick charts ?

    Please, please bare with me, computers/software and I always seem to have the simplest problems turn into headaches, that really is why it's taken me so look to make the effort to switch. BUT was I just spoiled with IB and TS having historic data available even for just the last couple of days ?

    All being said I do think Ninja's DOM is nicer to work with and of course seems their charts have so much more available, but the data download just really seems weird, please explain if I'm missing the simplest things