Reliable data feed for E-Mini's, Forex, & Nymex MiNY's

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  1. I found some providers that have a data feed for E-Mini's and Forex, but not the Nymex MiNY's. Is anyone aware of a data provider that will provide all 3?

    I currently use eSignal and while they have all 3, they are very fee happy, including $50 for Forex (I'm not quite sure what I'm paying for... seems to be free at most places...).

  2. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    There are sites and services that provide free Forex quotes. They tend to be quotes from a single contributor or just a small handful. In addition, they typically just cover the top 8-10 currency pairs. Our Forex service delivers quotes from over 200 sources and on over 100 currencies. Please review this KB Article for more information and to see a comparison we did on the number of updates across our Forex feed and two others we checked.

  3. Scott - couple items of interest re: eSignal.

    1) the 'live rep' feature is a waste of time. These people know much less than I do.

    2) there is no 800# to call tech support!

    3) the forex data you mention may look great on the surface, but as a candlestick trader, these candles are completely useless on eSignal. The shadows are huge, while comparing this to other providers, the shadows are not this exagerated. This is simply due to how the data is compiled and displayed. So much so, that in the eSignal support forum, a post by an eSignal rep told another user that was having the same issue to stop trying to scalp and just swing trade. If I wanted trading advice from the eSignal reps, I'd ask for it. What I'm asking for is a reliable service.

    4) during times of high volume (i.e. Fed days, etc.) eSignal can lag or better yet, completely freeze. That makes trading just a tad difficult! :(

    I appreciate your post here, but my intent is to replace eSignal, not look for an eSignal rep justifying the fees/issues.
  4. tomcole


    esignal needs 2 things-

    1. more bandwidth to push data to customer, very important

    2. sales rep/tech who have an inkling about trading. and can help you. I once had a esigster tell me he had to go to lunch after he called me about a problem

    esig needs to do both and then they'll be much better.