Release of CryptoMaster, Best tool to get your Crypto data needs.

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    CryptoMaster by Murray Ruggiero gathers data from a collection of online sources to provide the data you need to build state-of-the-art Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin trading systems. The software also includes free access to an informative webinar on how to develop trading systems for cryptocurrencies using this data.
    Murray Ruggiero developed CryptoMaster for his own cryptocurrency research, and now he’s making it available for others so you can tap into the lucrative Altcoin market. This tool gives you the best source of cryptocurrency data available for free and solves many little-known issues in cryptocurrency data that can foil mechanical systems.
    You can’t research and you can’t trade without clean data, and CryptoMaster provides the data you need to research and trade profitably.
    This package let’s you download the following types of data:

    • Coin market cap daily data on 1,600+ cryptocurrencies;
    • Bitcoin block chain internal data, which is predictive of future bitcoin prices;
    • Intraday data (60-minute bars) with up to three years of history on 1,600+ cryptocurrencies;
    • Blockchain data for Bitcoin, which is predictive of future Bitcoin prices;
    • Cryptocurrency crossrates relative to Bitcoin or Ethereum, not just USD, allowing us to analyze the technicals of these markets in different ways.
    You can set an automatic download time nightly. This fixes the problem that Cryptodata is often represented in 24-hour periods, so the time you download is the close of all bars.
    You can download both generic CSV files and files loadable as third party data in TradeStation. (Note that not all data can be imported in all TradeStation versions.)
    The data format is designed to work in TradersStudio and use Cryptocurrency session and Tradeplans type, as well as build a complete Cryptocurrency Tradeplan.
    You can purchase CryptoMaster for only $179 with one year of free upgrades until Aug. 12. After that date, the price will increase. If you buy now, the free upgrades will include several trading systems for cryptocurrencies and a free webinar on developing cryptocurrency systems and tips for trading cryptocurrencies. The below button will transfer you to PayPal, where you can complete your transaction.

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