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  1. Just wondering how other traders relax when they find themselves a little too stressed out. I have been getting a little jittery latley and could use some ideas.
  2. Go on a trip to Angeles City or Pattaya or Rio;) If you have never been to these places and are single/not married, then you absolutely must go. Imagine an entire road filled with college aged women running after you as you were the football hero.

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  3. Meditation. Or some mind machine to shift brainwaves. If there are any today that works.
  4. You need some regular exercise, especially cardio workouts. We as traders generally don't get enough of it. It has a compounding effect. Sit on butt, take on a pyschologically demanding task ( trading) day in day out, it builds up. I have to get to the gym atleast 3 times a week or I can't trade. BTW, if I wasn't married, I would be all over that Thailand action. Forget Brazil though, hot women, but too many bad mugging stories for me.

    I have even thought about moving to a ET zone. I am jealous of you folks that can get up, work out, eat breakfast, shower, and casually get to the screen. Here in MT zone, I roll out of bed at 6AM and trade 20 minutes later, getting everything done after trading. If you can try working out for 20 minutes before you trade. You will be much sharper and more relaxed. Good luck. :)


    P.S. Meditation and subconscious reprogramming/hypnosis also works well. Just stay away from the meds . Also use the search feature. There is a good deal written on stress on this website.
  5. Well if you need to relax get a massage, hopefully with happy endings....LMAO:p

    But if you are mildly depressed .....Chocolate really it actually help.
  6. Actually, it is the mortality that I would be more concerned about.
  7. socalpt


    Shut down your computer take break for a day. Walking will help you relax and think more clearly.
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  9. Wow I love the replies on this thread! Thanks for the laughs fellas!