relax - you are not paying for squat!

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  1. many angry and selfish people post on ET.
    first off, this post is meant to be a solace and peace of mind to them in relations of what and what not they are actually PAYING FOR.
    It is a common saying amongst the monied class that they are paying for the welfare mothers and they are paying for bank bailouts and they are paying for all government programs from a to z. Well I am here to say, they are not! The government, as we all know is in a deficit for quite sometime. For the most part foreigners, "communist" chinese, the Japanese are bankrolling the USA deficit spending.
    Taxes are not going up substantially because the government wants to stimulate and at the same time is afraid of the anger brewing. So if taxes are not going up, effectively all the loudmouth, whining is misplaced.
    You are not paying for squat! Your children and your grandchildren are on the hooks for this irresponsible bahaviour. There are those who are not selfish and not egomaniacs and propose that we must stop now and raise taxes and pay off the debt and start turn things around. There are minority and they are right as usual. The stupid loud mouthed so called conservatives want ever present tax cuts no matter what the consequence might be to this unreasonable request.
  2. What makes you think that there aren't traders younger than 25 in this forum?
  3. I made no such assumption. I know that , ET for the most part is quit diverse.
  4. Yes you did:

  5. Your children and your grandchildren are on the hooks for this irresponsible bahaviour.


    Maybe your kids and grandchildren. My kids are losers with shitjobs (MCD, Dinkin donuts) they don't pay taxes and get refund checks to boot. My others kids, get a raft of services cause they have babies and no jobs and they are hooked up with boyfriends on ssi.:D
  6. Oh, I see. If you are very young and afraid of tax increase in the future, these taxes will be at par with the industrialized world tax rates and you shall be getting something back in turn. or you are free to leave and find a tax shelter in some heaven if there will be any left....
  7. huh???? They're raising my taxes as soon as he can. Are you not listening to the news? Also, "allowing tax cuts to expire" is the same as taxing me more than if he didn't. what if your employer let your raise expire? would that be a paycut or not?

    Not even to mention taxing my savings through inflation...

  8. you are still paying the lowest tax rates in the industrialized world. Like it or not only because the government like scared little sheep was too afraid to tackle the problem the way it should have, by spending cuts (smarter spending) and raising taxes on the tax cheat corps and offshore hiding scum. It will eventually happen or you will see blood running in the streets, Europe understands that as they HAD a French revolution alas a Russian one too. History challenged yanks sadly not quite up to this, but trust me the alternative (broken US) is not much better.
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    True, but there are other things that americans have to pay for themselves, like health care and retirement.
  10. I would not mind paying a little more if I knew they spend it smartly and have
    1) free college education for my daughter
    2) free medical care
    3) a TRUE social safety net
    also I would not live under the damocles sword of a broken down world power with nukes....
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