Relax. Chernobyl was already a nuke accident #7. Nothings gonna happen.

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  1. People were in the building at Chernobyl during the worst parts of the accident - with no radiation protection. Said it felt like "pins and needles' on their face. A lot of those people are still alive today.

    Guy on TV last night said the rods in Japan are 550 degrees - my household oven goes to that temp.

    The 3 Mile Island meltdown had the rods melt only 3/4 of an inch into the floor which was many times thicker.

    Say a prayer or give money to the flood victims.
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    I kind of doubt that. Here are some pics of revisiting Chernobyl, description of the Bridge of Death, 2 kms away from the reactor:

    "Were standing on the 'bridge of death' here. So called because on the day of the explosion, people gathered on this bridge to see the beautiful rainbow coloured flames of the burning graphite nuclear core, whose flames were higher than the smoke stack itself. They were all exposed to levels of over 500 roentgens, a fatal dose."

    If you play Modern Warfare, you can recognize Pripyat....