Relative strength of European versus US Markets

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  1. Relative strength of European versus US Markets. My European holdings are underperforming significantly. Even those with multinational business models. Diversification is good portfolio management for the long term but I am going to dump my Euro trash on this bounce and re-enter at a lower multiple. Any thoughts?

  2. wothless vs worthless = who cares... buy silver
  3. Don't use multiples to justify your entry for starters. Europe and the US are still on the credit card round about so things are going to get worse before they get better .
  4. Kubinec


    Why not Australia or Canada?
  5. Well dumped the European stocks a few moments before they imploded. Got lucky. I think when the volatility clears there will be some ripe pickings just as when our meltdown in 2008-2009 caused the good to be sold as well as the bad.
  6. ''Relative strength of European versus US Markets''

    you forgot to add volume!

  7. This is a trading site. Portfolio management is remote. You might consider managing individual positions and cutting the cancer out rather whining after the fact.

    IF it wasn't for foreign currency translation, you'd be in worse shape. You might consider sending a thank you note to Timothy Geithner. Handwritten of course.
  8. I live in Australia and this place will become like the PIIGS any day now.
    The East Coast is already in recession.

    The numbers that come out from the Australian Bureau of Statistics are bullshit!

    This place feels like its in recession.
  9. Oh yeah?then go and try to live in Chukchi Peninsula!

    i`d like to see your mug in a couple of months!

  10. When oversold, swing into the European markets. When overbought swing into the US. Brazil & emerging markets have been performing magnificently, relative to the US.
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