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  1. I've been feeling kinda down lately due to my recent breakup with my g/f of 4 years. Any tips on how to move on? FWIW i'm in my mid 20's.

    It would be nice if some of you can share your experiences. I know, I'm pathetic. :(
  2. Time heals all wounds bro. That and keeping yourself busy. Good time to start working out if you don't already do so.
  3. Join a gym, start working out and improve your self esteem. There are more women than men on this earth, as long as you have a good self esteem women are plentiful. :)

    Go to andread all the tips, it'll help you out immensely with the ladies. I have all of David Deangelo's ebooks and dvd's on my computer, hit me up if you need any...
  4. The absolute best way to get over a relationship is to go out and meet other people. The key thing to remember is that the old GF is nothing special and had loads of faults and can easily be replaced. It's easy to fool yourself into thinking she was the only one for you, etc but experience will teach you that is not the case.
  5. sorry to hear about your break up, but

    "the best way to get over a guy is to get on top of another.."

    I'm assuming the same applies for men, you just have to get under :)
  6. ElCubano


    absolutely...the only one that cant be replaced is the mother of your kids.


    P.S. besides your next girl is the one.....
  7. Should be illegal to have GF in mid 20's.
  8. you're my brother from another mother man!
  9. Best way is too cook something yummy to eat. I love to cook. Also you can play video games. I luv playing video games while i have chicken roasting in the oven.

    Also you can have your tv on while you read your fav magazines.

    who needs girls???? :confused:
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