relationship USO - CL

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  1. What's the relationship between USO and CL ?

    For every X move in CL, USO moves X...
  2. ggoyal


    it's almost the same.

    look back at the charts. there might be a few percentage points difference, but it's still a pretty good hedge.

    look at the relationship between gas(function of CL) and USO. that's what you want to look at if you r looking to hedge your gas costs.

    and USO is an ETF, not a futures contract
  3. It's not an ETF. It's a PTP (publicly traded partnership)

    You will get a K1 for your income tax return.

    I've never invested in USO and thus haven't seen the USO K1 statement.

    But, in my regular line of work, I have to pay quarterly income taxes with K1 statements. They are several pages long, but not too difficult to understand for tax filing purposes.
  4. PaulRon


    go with DXO - double long oil
  5. Now that's a great contract!

    Hasn't been out all that long, but the interest will continue to increase in this wonderful product.