Relating Evolution and Intelligent Design

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  1. Relating Evolution and Intelligent Design

    Many people are under the impression that evolution and intelligent design are contrary explanations. As a result, it is quite common to find people trying to demonstrate intelligent design by refuting evolution. In response, the stage is set for scientists to refute intelligent design by coming up with evolutionary explanations. Yet the truth of the matter is that evolution and intelligent design can co-exist; they are not mutually exclusive concepts. After all, you can design with, and
    through, evolution. Fascinating possibilities such as this are addressed in The Design Matrix. Here is an excerpt:

    Reproduction is the means to forward a design into the future. Yet because of the inevitability of mutation, and its effects, replication over large spans of time will lead to evolution. It would thus seem that a good designer would take this “problem” and turn it into something to be exploited or used. This is just one example to illustrate that Intelligent Design and evolution may complement, rather than contradict each other. Life itself could have been designed and evolution, by natural selection, would have subsequently followed. What’s more, life might even have been designed in such a way that Darwinian evolution was recruited to carry out distinct design objectives meaning that evolution could have been “rigged by design.”

    The Design Matrix provides a method for assessing a design inference and demonstrates how the hypothesis of design can guide scientific research. I found the book to be UTTERLY THOUGHT-PROVOKING and highly recommend it.
  2. Evolution says that all these mutations eventually cause something to be better than it is or "advance", but we can not find any physical proof of this. We can however see that mutations cause things to get worse or "degrade" There is ample proof of this. All things degrade in time. They do not become superior or advance in anyway. When Adam & Eve were kicked out of the garden of eden, God said death will pass upon the world and thats what happened. The perfect creation was now a fallen creation and slowly but surely, more and more mutations happened. After several hundred years, God told the people that they could no longer marry their sisters, brothers or other close relatives (because the genetic material was degrading too much). For instance: If there is part of your genes that has a mutation, then everyone in your close family is likely to have the same mutation, but if you have kids with someone who is far from your family line, they will likely have different mutations and with luck, those mutations will not combine and hurt the kids much. But with each passing century, more and more mutations occur and eventually man will no longer be able to procreate and we will have to rely on our technology to keep the population going.

  3. You're right we can't find ANY candidates for the idea that mankind has advanced from the stone age to today ...not if I take your post as representitive of that argument. Have you noticed how many short people there are everywhere, and they just don't seem to be going away any time soon.

    But seriously, the impasse that will never have an answer, if you hold intelligent design to have even a toehold in how everything came to be is, ( bet I don't even have to finish the sentence know it), who or what does the source of that intelligence have to thank for its existence? All you can say is that its just not condensable, its a mystery thats beyond even our imaginations. I was browsing thru a book of my own the other day in the science section of a bookstore, it was an astronomy book that explored the vastness of the universe, not to mention what the heck is past THAT, which is another question in that bottomless bin of teleological questions that are askable, the awe that should set in from dwelling on these questions should be enough to make a reasonable man stop and say, its beyond even Einstein -- and that guy was pretty good. Anybody that has "the answer" to it all is just trying to distinguish himself and his theory ( like I just did ...right??????) I'm not interested in that power though. I think Oprah is the anti-christ myself.
  4. Huh? Where does it say that?

    Mutations cause living things to better adapt to their environment. That doesn't necessarily make them "better". Over the course of a few decades, mosquitoes built up a tolerance for DEET. It no longer has the same effect as it once did. Thus, the mosquitoes are better equipped to handle the poison and can live long enough to reproduce and pass on their genes.

    Nobody really knows what the long term effects will be.
  5. will you bible thumpers ever give it up? you have lost the battle. there never was a talking snake.
  6. the battle or the war?
  7. The day that all this intelligent design twaddle makes ANY (and I mean ANY) contribution to the understanding of the physical world, then somebody might sit up and take notice.

    Show just one example of how so called "intelligent design theory" has been a factor in the design of a new drug, production of a new CPU, forcasting climate change, or absolutely anything else you can name in science or engineering.

    At the moment:

    Science: 1

    Superstition: 0

    Does anybody seriously think this situation is likely to change any time soon ?

    All this pseudo scientific crap trying to reconcile evolution with ID is just waffle. It's an issue of the wafflers Vs the doers.

    Maybe we could rewrite the above scoreboard as:

    Doers: 1

    Wafflers: 0
  8. Um, there certainly WAS no Adam and Eve, except for that fun-lovin' company down near Fayetteville, NC.

    For that matter there was no Garden of Eden either, but I did like that Iron Butterfly song that sounded something like that.
  9. volente_00


    Can you produce any scientific proof of your position or are you just wanting one to have FAITH in your opinion ?

  10. Scientific proof that there was no Adam and Eve?

    Must one also provide scientific proof that there is no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny?
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