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  1. Does anyone know the best website to find out related stocks of a stock? Its easy to do in Bloomberg but if I dont have one, where is the best site? It would be nice if the site allows for selecting NYSE, AMEX and NAZ....type in a stock ticker, give me the list of related stocks.
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    IBD has a charting feature that will give you the top five stocks in a sector. It is free to subscribers, not sure if you can get the same for free. Think it is

    Also Yahoo and SI in the Profile section of a stock quote will list companies, although it is often a very broad search.

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    if you know anyone with a Schwab account their research page has what you are looking for.
  4. If you take the Echotrade workshop, part of all the "stuff" that you come away with is a 12 page list of S&P 500 companies listed in Sectors/Industry Group Name/ Sub Ind name. Great to have at hand later on.

    Oops, sorry Jonathan, hope I'm not giving away any secrets!!!
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    Actually that S&P stuff is available as an excel spreadsheet right from the Standard & Poors website.

    For stock correlations try It used to be free, but now they charge. You can do a free two week demo and get all your lists from that. You can also calculate correlations in excel.

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    The Erectile Dysfunction Stock List

    ... in case you always wondered, now you know.

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    Seth, I did not see a price for their service, do you know what they charge for US markets?
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