REITS - what's the outlook ?

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  1. Is PSA a tell? It topped before the rest of the REITS and it appears to be putting in a bottom/base. No position but it is interesting to watch how the REITS/Utes/ConStaples trade.
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    Wiz! Where you been?
    Hey that Mid America Apartments (MAA) is up 20% since last Nov.
    Not exactly a fang stock...but with a 3.25% divy to boot... I could have made a worse call.
    Ahhh... 20% in a year is boring I know. :D
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  3. Been out of commission.....had prostate removed due to cancer, had a big move that did not go well, my dev machine had a hard disk crash, lots of bad things have happened.
    I'm finally starting to stabilize.
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    Did you buy MAA last Nov?
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    No. Too slow for me. Just market commentary.
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  6. Yeah Zanty....what are you looking at or trading right now ?
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    Long term I want a pullback on SQM and its not cooperating.
    Trading wise mostly TSLA and CMG short/long and whatever the story stock of the day is. Got smoked on NFLX last week, made some of it back taking NVDA long (imagine that) when I saw it doing a carbon copy of NFLX's behavior. The herd definitely exhibits patterns in their behavior when it comes to these high flyers.

    Glad to hear your OK after the prostate surgery. Eat more tomatoes and spinach. ;)
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  8. Thanks for that diet suggestion....actually I love both.:)
    TSLA continues to confound...1 year chart shows continued uptrend support.
    Still, long term, there will be tons of competition arriving soon in the battery-powered auto market from GM, Ford, BMW, Porsche. Big question is : When ?

    As for NFLX, with a PE ratio of's bound to come down soon...."real soon now".
    Problem is....that won't occur until all of the FANG stocks are sold-off.
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    I concur; they're also socially retarded so being cramped together makes their lives easier.
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