Reiterate : buy the dip

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  1. Buy the dip

    The markets are vastly oversold based on what? Nothing. No big news at all. The selling in the past two weeks has been pure speculation on some lending stuff. No big deal at all. I can't find a singlke headline that indicates that something is wrong or something bad happened.

    To give you an idea of how big the selloff was the S&P had its worst week in 5 years. We're talking about the 500 best stocks crashing 6% in the span of just eight trading days after making a historic high. Wow..thats gotta hurt.
    INfact, the S&P fell to Pre. Feb 27th levels completely erasing many months of gains.

    The Dow and Nasdaq were hit less hard inspite the fact that the Nasdaq has smaller more speculative stocks than the S&P.

    I recommend buying the dips on these stocks for an easy profit

    MA (earnings will be big- buy b4 earnings on Auc 1st ),

    GOOG (easy rebound to 550 in a month)





    DDM (dow will rebound),

    and GM (notice how it rebounded off the 31 support? Will go to 35 soon)

    Dow is up 42 points

    If you buy the stocks & ETFs I recommended you will do very well in the coming months.
  2. Fuck off.

    You hide when the market is getting crushed....then reappear with your worthless drivel when it catches a bid.

    You are pathetic.

  3. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  4. Yeah, this IS a good time to buy for those with longer time frames.

    DDM is a great way to get leverage. Margin is out of question now because the market might take some time to stabilize, so you'll end up paying margin interests for nothing.
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    Indeed. Everyone knows that at tops the paper publishes an article telling everyone to get out. All is well!
  6. I didn't know you were for sale!! :p :p :p
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    Well I could point to one thing that is very wrong with this rally, and that is that its been very very narrow. If you look at the Nasdaq 100 something like 40% of the entire gain for the year is from 4 or 5 stocks. As the DOW hit 14,000 we had nearly twice as many new lows and new highs (even if you take out reverse correlated ETFS, non operating funds and such, the new lows still beat the new highs by a substantion amount)

    Seems like the buy of the year to me!!!! Either that or DeJevu back to March of 2000..(anyone else, btw, wish they could be @ Dejevu right now :)) )
  8. Um actually I posted on every day last week except friday. Maybe you should stop wanking off and maybe you will see better, putz.
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    I like how everyone comes out saying the market is OVERSOLD, yet after it moves up 2000 points in less than 5 months IT WAS NOT OVERBOUGHT, many were calling for 14500 and 15,000 when it touched 14k 2 weeks ago.. Pathetic. cnbc is crying every morning, they review the futures about 429 times between 8-9am.
  10. The fundamantals are historically strong and I restate that there have been NO negative events to cause this selloff. All speculation. The feb 27th selloff is another example of speculation triggering a reversal. Those who bought after Feb27th made a lot of money in the following months because there was no substance to back up the speculation and the fundamentals were very strong.
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