Reissuance of the 30-year Bond

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  1. In October 2001, the Fed announced they would stop issuing the 30 year, reducing supply in the global marketplace...
    The initial reaction to the announcement was a surprising tumble in bond prices, which lasted for all of 5 months, and was followed by a massive bull market in bonds...

    This year, the Fed announced the REISSUANCE of the 30-year. Does anyone have any information on when this was announced?? Any thoughts??


    you're late to the party... well over a year ago
  3. Do you have any links to this story?
    I can't seem to find it..

    As for being late to the party, I disagree...I think the invitations have just been sent out...
  4. All that stuff makes no sense to me..
    The rise was pretty easy to explain....Less supply, higher demand = rising prices...
  5. Surdo


  6. I think he's pulling your chain, so to say!

    Or is the joke on me? you already know that?
  7. Who cares...I asked my question and got my answer..

    I love sarcasm!
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    looks like some easy money entering the US mkt .............:D

    ET is a perfect example why simple TA works .... :eek:

    Come on newbie folks, challenge me.

    OK, Pats and Bears half time over. i can quit picking on you. :D

    A word to the wise, to trade the bonds on CBOT you will either already be or will soon be a manic depressive. Good Luck............... Not as much rhythms in trading the bonds as in trading the stock indexes