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  1. i have an asus netbook which has a virus and does not respond well.i would like to reinstall windows 7 from an external drive using the microsoft disk.unfortunately,the netbbok will not read from the external drive
    what should i do
    i have googled possible answers which have not worked
    any ideas....greatly appreciated
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    install it from a usb stick, there are free utilities that will red the disc and put the software on the usb stick.
  3. thanks for that
    have you got any names for the software ??
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    Before you do that, try COMBOFIX. This is a very powerful program that wipes out anything that even looks like a virus. I have a copy in my dropbox. THis is not a tool to be used unless other antivirus programs fail.

    Good luck,

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    google it
  6. many thanks
    i will try rmorse antivirus to see if i can get rid of the rubbish first
    lmany thanks again
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    Another really good one is Microsoft's free stand-alone scanner and remover

    Works extremely well, and is especially good at removing viruses.

    On a different computer you download it to a USB stick or CD/DVD (that's my favorite as it won't get infected). Then run directly off CD/USB.
  8. far, nothing works
    the virus does not allow anything to load
    the disk is partitioned with 70gig on the second i am quite happy to ditch the first partition...if that can be done
    any ideas greatly appreciated
  9. Haven't used this myself, but users give it good reviews... and it has a free version.
  10. How did Windows 7 come on that netbook? Does it have a recovery option? (e.g. for HP laptops or desktops, you can recover to factory default settings on Windows).
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